The dream project

Content Creator and Owners  AND  Entrepreneurs … this has been your chance to shine!  This year's Leadership Music Summit includes a contest element where you get the opportunity to present your "big idea" and have the opportunity to win recognition and prize money.   Entries for the "Dream Project" have now closed.

The Finalists:
- Leigh Fogle / CUREative Content
- Chad Marcum / Ripple Music
- Marc Lempert / Groove Gallery's "Communication Rock"

- Kelsey Kinsel / Salvation City

The Details:

Four finalists in a combined category of Content Owner/Creator and Entrepreneur/Start-Up will be chosen to make a 10 minute presentation at the Leadership Music Summit on September 10th at Marathon Music Works.   A panel of judges will chose a winner in each category.   Each winner receives a $1,000 cash prize and recognition in Music Row Magazine.   


Marcus Whitney / Moontoast

Amanda Cates / Spalding Entertainment

Sloane Scott / Flo Thinkery

Genevieve Jewell / The Collective


  • All entries must be received by 11:59pm CST on August 12, 2013 - ENTRIES NOW CLOSED.
  • Multiple entries are permitted.
  • Panelists, Judges, and Leadership Music Employees are not permitted to enter.    Moderators and Leadership Music Board Members are permitted to participate.


  • Content Owner/Creator - Record Labels, Publishing Companies, Songwriters, Artists (anyone/any company that owns and/or creates content.)
  • Entrepreneur/Start-up - Any person or company that is in the initial phases of developing their business.
  • The "Big Idea"/Dream - Anything you want it to be so long as it centers around music artists and music content.   It can be a marketing idea, a new business model, a new app, a new technology ... the sky is the limit!!

Questions … email here.